Academic Regulations

Academic Regulations

1. Registration of Courses
(i) Except otherwise stated, registration of courses commences immediately on resumption. The registration of any course per semester by a regular/summer student or per trimester by a weekend student means a combination of payment of school fees and signing of the registration form/card. Any unsigned registration form/card within the stipulated registration period amounts to late registration and this shall attract a fine of an amount to be decided by the Authority.
(ii) After signing, every student must always submit the registration form/card to the Dean of Academics and collect only at the commencement of a new semester or session for subsequent registration of courses.


2. Attendance
(i) All students are expected to be regular and prompt in attending all classes and every other scheduled event. No student may be absent from any school-scheduled event or classes without permission from the Authority. All lecturers are to mark registers of students’ class attendance in every subject. Any student who is absent in class up to 25% and above in any subject per semester, shall not be eligible to sit for that course examination.
(ii) Any student who wants to leave the classroom while a class is in session may do so with permission from the lecturer. However, he may not be allowed to re-enter until the beginning of the next period. Anyone coming late to class may not be allowed in except by special permission of the lecturer.


3. Clearance Of Students Before The Examination Day
Student’s clearance is to take place latest two days before examination. Any student, who misses his /her clearance, by implication, misses the examination.


4. Missed Or Failed Examination
In any examination, any student who fails in or misses any subject/s shall carry it/them over to the next semester when such will be made available.


5. Minimum Number Of Credit Hours Passes Before Graduation
Before a student can adjudge successfully qualified for graduation in any of the available Course Programmes, such a student must have passed in all relevant subjects- compulsory, required and elective-with a minimum of 60 credit hours in Certificate
Programme or 60 credit hours in Diploma Programme or 120 credit hours in Degree Programme.

(i) Certificate of Theology
(ii) Diploma in Theology
(iii) Bachelor of Theology